USMCA Championship

The USMCA National Championship is held annually over one week in early May. Coaches of qualifying teams will receive the National Championship exam by email prior to the contest week; qualifying teams can take the contest in any continuous 3-hour period of the contest week, in a location of their choice.

The top 36 teams in the USMCA National Circuit qualify for the USMCA National Championship. The top 12 teams qualify for the Premier Division, an 8-problem proof contest. The next 24 teams qualify for the Challenger Division, a 30-problem short answer contest. Both contests are taken collaboratively by a team of up to eight students.

Invitations for the USMCA National Championship will be sent to qualifying teams after the conclusion of all USMCA Partner Competitions.


2019 Premier Problems Solutions Results
2019 Challenger Problems Solutions Results
2019 National Circuit Standings