National Circuit

Top scoring points at each USMCA Member Competition will earn points in the USMCA National Circuit. At the end of the academic year, these points will determine qualification for the USMCA National Championship.

The current USMCA National Circuit standings are here.

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Circuit Points System

At each USMCA Member Competition, the top scoring 20 teams are awarded Circuit Points. In competitions with multiple divisions, teams in the 'A' division are eligible for Circuit Points. The Circuit Points awarded are as follows.

Rank Circuit Points

In the event of a tie, the circuit points for the tied positions are split. For example, two teams tying for 3rd-4th are each awarded 65 Circuit Points.

A team's score in the USMCA National Circuit is the sum of the Circuit Points it earned over at most three USMCA Member Competitions. If a team attended more than three USMCA Member Competitions, its score in the National Circuit is the sum of the Circuit Points it earned in its best three results. This rule prevents teams from obtaining an advantage by attending an overwhelming number of USMCA Member Competitions.

USMCA National Championship

After the conclusion of all USMCA Member Competitions, the top 30 teams in the National Circuit will be invited to the USMCA National Championship. The top 10 teams qualify for the Premier Division, a 2-hour, 8-problem Olympiad style contest. The next 20 teams qualify for the Challenger Division, a 2-hour, 30-problem short answer contest.

Both contests are taken collaboratively by a team of up to 8 students, with no computational aids except pencil and paper. The National Championship exam will be emailed to coaches, and can be taken at any time in a one-week window in early May 2019.

For qualification purposes, ties in the National Circuit will be broken by best absolute rank at any USMCA Member Competition; remaining ties are broken by second-best absolute rank at any USMCA Member Competition, and so on.


If you have any questions or concerns not listed below, please reach out to us at .

Who is eligible to participate in USMCA?

High school students and particularly strong middle school students, or international equivalent. If you are unsure whether you are eligible for a particular USMCA Member Competition, please reach out to that competition. For inquiries about the National Championship, please reach out to us at the above address.

What constitites a single team participating at multiple competitions? Do the same set of students need to participate?

It is not necessary for the same set of students to participate. We consider two teams at two competitions to be the same if they are registered from the same organization. Any cases with ambiguity will be arbitrated by the USMCA National Coordinators.

My organization fielded more than one team at a competition. How are Circuit Points calculated for us?

USMCA will make a record for every team your organization fielded. At every competition your organization attends, the highest-scoring team from your organization earns Circuit Points for your organization's first team; the second highest-scoring team from your organization earns Circuit Points for your organization's second team, and so on. It is possible for multiple teams from your organization to qualify for the National Championship.

When do I find out if my team qualified for the National Championship?

USMCA will send out invitations to the coaches of qualifying teams in mid-April, after all USMCA Member Contests have occurred.

Who can proctor the National Championship?

Any coach or parent can proctor the exam. Proctors will be required to sign a statement certifying that their team followed the rules of the National Championship.

Someone on my team isn't available to participate in the National Championship. What happens if we qualify?

Your coach will be able to roster another student to take his or her place. More generally, teams in the National Championship can consist of up to eight students; teams qualifying via USMCA Member Competitions where the team size is smaller than eight will have the opportunity to roster additional students.

My team attended multiple USMCA Member Competitions. Over these participations, more than eight of us competed on our team. If we qualify for the National Championship, who participates?

Team rosters for the USMCA National Championship are at your coach's discretion. So, your coach will be able to select eight of you to participate. Unfortunately, to be fair to other teams, we cannot allow a team of more than eight students in the National Championship.